Nailed it! // Olive & June

Rachel Chang

Have you ever wanted a nail salon that made you feel as good as your manicure looked?

Well Olive & June is the answer!

Olive & June has locations in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and Santa Monica. The interior of their salons are accented with blonde wood, soft leather chairs, and fiddle plants. It is the kind of place you want to sip lemonade and relax while you're being pampered

We custom designed Olive & June's aprons with the founder, Sarah Gibson, to match the clean aesthetics - read on to find out more about the amazing Sarah and Olive & June! 

1. The design of the salon is so seamless. What inspired you in putting together the look & feel?

We really wanted the space to feel chic but still feel warm and friendly. We wanted to make Olive & June feel like your stylish best friend's house. And we had a lot of amazing help from Brady Cunningham and team at Wall for Apricots! 

2. How did this tie in with the design of your O&J aprons?

Our salon was so put together but then we had generic, kind of sad aprons for the manicurists to use while they were in service. It felt so off! I was so thrilled when Ellen and I designed these amazing aprons - it felt like the final piece to the puzzle. And the team totally loves them! 

3. Color options (& quality!) are obviously important to your brand, how do you curate the brand while still offering options for your customers?

We are obsessed with color! We want to offer our clients as many color choices as possible but we balance this by making sure the polish brands we offer truly perform. 

4. Your favorite thing about the brand you've created?

We make people feel good. Whether it's our team, our clients, or our community on social, we make people smile every day. That is the absolute best part. 

5. Where are your favorite places to eat in LA?

Izakaya by Katsuya, Sugarfish, Gjusta, Apple Pan, and all of the Farmer's Markets!