Gezellig in Amsterdam...

Rachel Chang
amsterdam ellen bennett the apron lady
Ask any Dutch about gezellig and they will tell you that it describes good vibes/feelings, comfort, hugs, coziness, and depending on the context, a relaxing and an enjoyable time. Ellen, our boss lady made a stop in Amsterdam before returning to the Apron HQ from her Iceland inspo-trip and it was definitely a gezellig time. 
Below are some of the spots she explored while she was in the city known for tulips, canals, and cute but tilted brick houses. 
  • Harewood Bakery - cutest little donut spot
  • Duikelman - kitchen shop !
  • Coffee and Coconuts - such a stellar little coffee shop that used to be an old movie theater
  • De Carrousel Pannenkoeken - the best waffle and pancake place!
  • Ron Gastropub - great asian food
  • Templo Doeloe - really really delicious Indonesian food, make a reservation though, it gets slammed
  • Foodhallen- really epic spot that is a giant foodhall and has such a rad design.
  • G'S brunch boat - really fun experience where you do brunch on one of those canal boats and it's a blast plus you go see places on the canal that you wouldn't normally be able to see by walking.
  • Paloma Blanca- really good Moroccan food
  • Markt- this is open almost every day and is a bunch of street carts and a sort of semi permanent farmers market. They have Giant cheese carts where all the cheese is in yellow wax wheels and it's delicious
  • Noordermarkt- this is the Saturday farmers market and is a must
  • Moise - clothing store is amazing and so chic
  • Canals - roaming around on them is a must 
  • Keukenhoff - you HAVE to go to Keukenhoff, the tulip festival. It was an explosion of colors. I recommend renting bikes so you can bike around the giant fields of color.
  • Izakaya- great and delicious restaurant that is one of the top 5 in the city, it was inside the hotel we stayed and it was ALWAYS slammed 
  • Rijksmuseum - has great Dutch artists plus a bunch of Rembrandt and Van Gogh too. 
And there it is... hope you have a gezellig time and make sure to tell us about it!