H&B Employee Spotlight- 12 Questions with Desi

Tori West
Hedley & Bennett Employee Spotlight


12 Questions with Our Community Manager, Desi! 


1.   Hometown: I'm from all over the place, but I would definitely call LA my home. I was born in Orlando, but moved when I was 5 and have lived in about 7 different states since then.


2.   Quick: you throw a spontaneous dinner party with 5 of your friends- what do you make? Pasta maybe with some garlic bread.


3.   Favorite apron: I've seen so many of our evolutions of aprons, but there was this one really rad apron we made called Paranoid Android that I think was amazing. My current fave is the Denver. 


4.   Go-to LA restaurant for Brunch: I go to Barbrix a lot since it's close by and is real good.


5.   Favorite Part of Working at H&B? I love the community and how caring everyone is and we all get a long. It's just a really great environment and we all love the purpose behind it. 


6.   If I’m not in the Factory, I’m…. doing something new, I never really do the same thing.


7.   The place you are dying to eat at… The French Laundry, hands down.


8.   Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten: Probably a combo of esophagus and intestines. They were both tacos and weirdly tasted good. 


 9.   Country You Want to Visit: Always been dying to go to Greece. Or Jordan, I have family there I've never met and just want to learn everything about them. I also would love to go to India.


10. How do you take your coffee? I drink almond latte's, very frequently. 


11. Person You Want to Have Coffee With: My best friend Lily. She is a great coffee date.


12. The best part about living in LA: I like the city and that there is always something to do, but I also love being close to so many places that if you want to get away for a weekend you can.