Hedley & Bennett Employee Spotlight- Allie Settle

Tori West

Hedley & Bennett Employee Spotlight

Hedley & Bennett Spotlight: 12 Questions with Account Manager and General Badass, Allie Settle. 

  1. Hometown:

Brooklyn, NY

  1. Quick: you throw a spontaneous dinner party with 5 of your friends- what do you make?

Pasta! Everyone loves pasta! And lots of wine.

  1. Favorite apron:

I've been working with Ellen at Hedley & Bennett since the very very beginning, so I remember some of the original designs and will always have a soft spot for them. The Patricio, Scouts Honor, Squid Ink and H Bone aprons will always be some of my favorites. Although I really love our new Turbot apron and Spinning Plates apron, they're just so unique and beautiful.

  1. Go-to LA restaurant for Brunch

I lived in LA for 7 years, and my go-to spots were always Mustard Seed Cafe for their Chilequiles. THE BEST. Also Sqirl is amazing and brunch at Gjelina if I ever worked up the courage to venture out to the west side.

  1. Favorite Part of Working at H&B?

We seriously have so much fun. We're doing so much more than just making aprons. We make people happy, we love our clients and our chefs, we bring people together and I don't think we would be where we are without being utterly passionate about what we're doing. We also have a zip line & swing set in our office, so even with stressful days, there's still a way to have fun.

  1. If I’m not in the Factory, I’m….

Eating LOTS of food. I live in NYC where there there's an endless supply of fantastic restaurants and meals to experience. Otherwise I'm traveling to fun places or at home watching Netflix, spending time with my husband and dogs. I also love reading romance novels.

  1. The place you are dying to eat at…

Eleven Madison Park, Noma (I mean, who isn't?). And let's just be honest, I'm always in the mood for a good slice of pizza and for that I'll head to Joe's Pizza or to Roberta's for a whole pie.

  1. Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten:

I went to Istanbul for my honeymoon, and they have some pretty exciting things to eat there. I ate a delicious street meat that's served there, called Kokoreç. It's basically seasoned offal (heart, sweetbreads, kidneys, etc) that are skewered and then the whole thing is wrapped up in lamb intestines like winding rope. Then they sliced it off, chop it up and add it to a loaf of bread like a sandwich. I also sipped from some kind of bottle fermented alcohol w/ a rattlesnake and scorpion in it when I was at the Explorer's Club in NYC. That was horrible.

  1. Country You Want to Visit:

India, Peru, Japan, Sardinia, Scotland

  1. How do you take your coffee? 

I prefer espresso, because I can never finish a cup of regular coffee. I like actual cream in my coffee/espresso (like heavy cream) so I'll do that if I'm at home.

  1. Person You Want to Have Coffee With:

My best friend Siri. She's always someone I want to have coffee with. We can talk (and laugh) for hours about anything, whether it's serious or downright stupid. 

  1. The best part about living in LA:

When I did live in LA, I loved that it was always warm weather. Beaches, mountains, deserts were just a few hours away, so there was always something fun to plan for the weekend if you wanted to get out of the city.