Katherine Flynn

If you follow us or The Hundreds on Instagram, you probably know about our newest drop. Custom camo, classic work jacket, and split apron. It's the second collection with our Vernon neighbors, and this time we went beyond the kitchen. Designed, sewn and shipped by people who hustle for people that hustle. The clothes to get you where you want to be. 

Meet Bryan Blue. A Los Angeles-born, Dallas-bred artist epitomizes the mission behind our collaboration. He took the leap of faith to pursue art full time and fast forward years later, the leap has paid off. Kendrick Lamar and Ellen DeGeneres are just a few notables Blue has worked with along with Tommy Hilfiger and Quentin Tarantino. 

We spent the afternoon at his studio where he not only paints his famous murals and mummy figures, he currently is working on animation, photography and digital projects that go beyond the canvas. Just like the motto behind our collection with the Hundreds, Blue's art is so much than something to hang on wall and admire. Every piece is full of hidden messages that touch on current issues from police brutality to life in Los Angeles' underbelly in Compton. 

The best part? Blue wants each piece to mean something different to each viewer and no opinion is incorrect.