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The beautiful new Los Feliz eatery has opened after much fanfare and everything about it speaks volumes of the two bad ass ladies running the joint. Teaming up with Jon & Vinny, Sara Kramer & Sarah Hymanson (of Madcapra fame) created Kismet, a stripped down and sparkling Middle Eastern restaurant on Sunset Blvd. We tracked down Sara despite her very busy schedule and got some insights on her newest venture!

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How did the idea for Kismet come about?
Kismet’s been in the works for a couple of years. Since leaving Glasserie, Sarah and I planned on opening a falafel spot and a restaurant to follow. So, here we are!

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Designing the space for a restaurant can be fun & also really tricky, we're assuming... what things did you keep in mind when creating the space for Kismet?
Designing the restaurant was definitely fun and yes, tricky. We wanted it to be warm and feminine, but still clean with some playful touches. It went through many iterations before landing on the final design. But we’re thrilled about how’s it’s come out, and we love how the aprons fit in with the overall design. They definitely tie in to our colors and our aesthetic to go hand in hand with the visual identity of the space. It’s important to keep that consistency, and H&B were so awesome to work with and made the perfect apron for us!
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Current favorite dish you're serving up?
Favorites!? Oh man. We just opened! We’re still in love with all of it :)
So if you're in Los Feliz, pop by and check out their aprons and grab a bite. They're open 10am - 11pm daily. Our favorite? The crispy rice!
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