Meet our Get in the Kitchen Challenge Team // Kristen Kish

It's that time of the year again!!! A fresh start, a clean slate, a list of resolutions that we're all going to tackle with a renewed "eyes on the prize" mentality. Every January, we start off the year right with our Get In The Kitchen Challenge. It's a good way to help kickstart those resolutions that revolve around eating better/cooking at home more/eating less sugar/meat/carbs, cooking with family, the list goes on!!

This year, we've partnered with some powerhouses to create 3 solid challenges for you, our apron squad, to take on between Jan 10 - Jan 24th!  

kristen kish

Meet Kristen Kish (again! She hosted a challenge back in 2015!) Top chef, cookbook author, white apron enthusiast and all around badass, Kristen is an OG #apronsquad member who is as lively and  charming as she seems on screen. We LOVE her! She was just here at the Apron HQ in November celebrating her new cookbook and her challenge comes from her Sprouted Grain Cake recipe! 

kristen kish cooking

Kristen wants you to... Cook a dish that reminds you of your childhood! Her cookbook (if you have a copy) (you definitely should) has a ton of different recipes that are nostalgic and comforting but we want to see what your childhood looked/smelled/tasted like! Was it a dish from your nonna? Or your mom's pot roast? Or maybe your ma made amazing pho? 

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! Use our hashtag #GITK2018 to enter. For official rules, read this post!