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As you probably know by now, we're celebrating makers all month long! It just so happens we also have a new product release pairing up with this week's Maker! Robert Siegel of Robert Siegel Studio is a ceramicist whose studio is just down the street from Apron HQ on Hill st.! His handmade creations are awesome and we have quite a few of them here at HQ, available for purchase.

robert siegel handmade ceramics downtown los angeles

We sat Robert down (at his wheel which he was kind enough to bring to Apron Land for a quick pottery lesson with Ellen) and picked his brain on his craft, living abroad and the influences on his work.

robert siegel handmade ceramics studio

Why ceramics?

I started working with ceramics was in was 9 or 10.  For whatever reason I was just drawn to the material.  The idea of creating something out of nothing was something I found very intriguing.

How did living abroad influence your style?

Living in china had a strong influence on my work.  There is a completely different approach to both making and designing in the East and the West.  The simplicity of form and surface is one thing that is very apparent in my work  from my time in China.

pottery apron hedley & bennett

How do you get inspired?

Inspiration has never been difficult to find.  I am an incredibly curious person, so I am always asking questions.  this inevitably leads anywhere and everywhere, and there is so much right in front

of you at any given moment to stay inspired until you die.

What are your favorite restaurants in LA?

Currently my favorite Los Angeles restaurants are Rustic Canyon and Esters Wine Bar in Santa Monica. Jon and Vinny's for my east coast home cooked Italian fix. Mozza's Budino is still my all time favorite!   Wexler's, Le Comptoir...

Do you cook at home? If so, what do you like to cook?

Yes I cook at home, usually 2-3 nights a week.  I am not italian, but pretty much everything I make feels like it is rooted in Italian cooking.  I make really good meatballs and chicken parm.  I enjoy going to the farmers market and using fresh seasonal ingredients as much as possible.  
I really make a little bit of everything from meat to fish with lots of vegetables as well.

- - -

potter apron hedley & bennett

We worked closely with Robert to design our *new* POTTER apron! We did a very limited run, so grab yours while you can here!