Ode to Mom

Katherine Flynn

Mom. Mama. Madre. Whatever you call her, mothers always know best. Our lifelong confidante and trusted advisor in all things, from what kind of laundry detergent to use to how we balance our checkbooks to the difference between baking soda and baking powder, mom always has the answers. Even though we know deep down that every day is Mother’s Day, make mom feel extra special this Sunday with our gifts that really say thank YOU mom! Who else would spend afternoons in the kitchen covered in flour, let you get glue on the furniture during craft sessions, and countless hours cheering you on the sidelines AND still hug and love you at the end of the day?! Each of these gifts are handpicked for every kind of incredibly amazing mom we love and know, the go-getter CEO, soccer coach, cookie extraordinaire, hug expert, and maybe all of the above. At least she’ll know she raised you right if you give her these gifts, see mom we are listening! Not all superheroes wear capes, obviously they wear aprons and we call them mom!

The Adele Apron aka The Crafty Mom

Think back to all the late-nights Mom helped cut and glue your school projects, edit your college essays, and decorate your birthday parties complete with balloons and banners. Let this apron say thanks to her endless amount of creativity, inspiration, and unwavering support. Every mom is different and just like this apron, our moms continue to surprise us (cue the bright blue strap!) The best part? Mom will definitely thank you for the red towel loop to hold her trusty secret weapon of choice that magically always keeps the house clean. Plus, it's named after Jonathan Waxman's mom!

The Bordeaux aka The Globetrotter Mom 

We agree, we wish we could send our moms to the south of France but we believe our Bordeaux apron is the next best thing. Our deep burgundy color is the perfect balance of sophistication and fun, just like mom. Pop of bottle of bubbly and transport mom to the vacation she deserves. Cheers to you, mom!

The Papaya Napkin aka The Hostess with the Mostest Mom

C'mon, you can do better than paper napkins for mom! Think of these bright-springy linen napkins as mom’s new spring and summer entertaining essentials. Just like your finger painted crafts and handmade “pottery” from your elementary school days, mom will cherish these handmade napkins made with love in Los Angeles. Pair these beachy beauties with Jeni’s Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Pint for the perfect pink ice cream party that says, “Mom, I love you more than ice cream.”

The Mise Knife Bag aka The Chief Boss Mom

How many times has mom said, “Clean your room!” Too many to admit, right? Even though that might have been the last thing you wanted to do, again you always knew she was right. Okay mom, life is better organized. From the PB&J sandwiches growing up to the roasted chicken recipe only she can get just the way you like, Michelin-starred restaurants have nothing on mom's cooking. Let her true culinary talent shine with this bag, even if she's just making chocolate chip cookies. Just like the Mary Poppin-esque purses all moms seem to have, this bag has everything mom needs and everything she doesn’t.

The Apolis Market Bag aka The Organic and Outdoorsy Mom

Functional, sturdy, and comfortable. The qualities that moms really want in great bags, trust us. Just like our moms, this bag can face, challenge, and bear any storm that comes its way from sticky fingers to a heavy grocery load. Take Mother’s Day to the next level by filling the bag with picnic essentials and snacks including Sugarfina’s Watermelon Slices and Rose gummies and spend the day outdoors with the lady you love the most.