Our 2017 Get In The Kitchen Grand Prize Winner!!

Diane Lieu

Meet our 2017 #GetInTheKitchenChallenge Grand Prize winner... Leslie O'Guinn!

She cooked her way to victory and participated each and every week, busting out her moves to create some delicious meals! Take a peep:

cook apron chef wear

kitchen gear


We're super stoked to send her home with some great prizes from our partners Aliza J. Sokolow Print Shop,  Jacobsen Salt, Demeyere, A Heirloom, Cangshan Cutlery, Chung Jung One, and Further Products! This means a super colorful print of radishes (perfect for the kitchen!), premium harvested sea salt, some awesome stainless steel cookery set, a cutting board & cake stand, a set of knives, gochujang sauce & korean snacks, sustainably produced glycerin soaps & lotions and an apron, of course!! That's a whole lotta culinary accessories!