Our Favorite Recipes to Celebrate The 4th of July

Marisa Guerra

Photo: @marycostaphoto

Psssttt...just 'cause you're staying home for the 4th of July doesn't mean you're missing out. We actually LOVE celebrating this holiday at home so we can grill, hang by the pool, spend time with friends and family and of course end the night with fireworks!! Make it super stress free with these summertime recipes everyone will love, seriously just scroll down and stare at those burgers. 🍔  All you need is some cold drinks, sunscreen and a beach towel. We got the rest covered!!!

Watermelon Salad with Feta is the perfect side to pair with a plate of burgers hot off of the grill or a nice juicy steak. It's a cool and refreshing option that will also add that bit of color to your table. 

If you're like us, you love using your grill any chance you get, and what better way to use it than when grilling up a classic, cheesy, and delicious burger. Our mouths are watering just looking at these cheeseburgers!!

Photo: Food & Wine

Those cheeseburgers might need a friend on the grill and this Grilled Corn with Herb Butter is one of the best recipes.  

Need a quick and delicious dessert that you can whip up without even turning on your oven?! Throw together a SUPER easy sundae bar complete with crushed Oreos, jars on jars of hot fudge, and every single kind of sprinkles!!! 

Photo: The Kitchn

But let's get real....what is better than digging a fork into a slice of fresh berry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream slowly melting on top of it?! NOTHING. The answer is nothing. This Triple-Berry Pie with Vanilla Cream is an absolute must to snack on (more like inhale) as you watch fireworks or hang by the pool. Plus, it's the perfect way to finish off the night (and eat for breakfast the next morning!!)