This past Monday, we celebrated our first ever School of Hustle!! What's that, you ask? Well, with Hedley & Bennett turning five, we wanted to celebrate in a bigger way than last year (remember the carnival we threw?) But we also had this idea for School of Hustle in the back of our brains... a way to give back, to facilitate knowledge and really bring together the amazing community that we're a part of.

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We had been chewing on this crazy idea for awhile and thought it was high time to stop chewing and start freaking doing. So we hosted our very first ever School of Hustle! What the hell does that even mean?! WELL... you, me, my neighbor, every single one of us has had someone give them an opportunity and we thought it was our turn to spread the love and give other people opportunities to learn from each other.

So we got some bad asses to come in and have one on ones with everyone who signed up for the school of hustle day. They talked business, life, but most importantly got to get any and all questions answered by people who seriously knew their shit! :)

Here's who came:

Farley Elliott, Senior Editor EATER LA

Cameron Slaugh, Exec Chef Osteria la Buca

Devin Chapman, Manager Verve Coffee

Ricky Webster, Exec Sous Chef Ace Hotel

Scott Tremonti, The Urban Oven

Mary Mattern, Nom Yourself


We wanted to take all the wonderful people we know and connect them to each other to build a stronger bond between all our apron squad members.

Add almost 200 guests and this place was buzzing alongside TrueCooks and a few "wouldn't have been a party without you" sponsors ( Umami .. Hungry Bear Catering .. Coolhaus Ice Cream .. Cocktail Academy .. Dakota's POP Parlor  .. Angostura Bitters ) it was a We were through-the-roof excited to see the community grow between Aprons Squad and TrueCooks member, chefs and entrepreneurs, delicious food and hungry mouths.

What we do wouldn't be possible without our sewers or with out the customers that we serve. We are a TEAM and we were so happy to have a large part of that team all under one roof!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out. Can't wait for the next one ;-)

We're drooling just thinking about it!



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As we're gearing up for The Apron Squad School of Hustle (check out the invite here !!!!!!) I'm reminded to be the best boss lady I can be! This is what I'm pulling inspiration from these days. Check these out and get ready to wake up & fight!!


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