The SCOOP // Jaclyn Johnson Edition

Katherine Flynn

THE SCOOP. Hedley & Bennett's quick 5 minute survey with culinary (& culinary adjacent!) questions that give you a little look into the minds of the bad ass hustlers who visit H&B.

Meet -- Jaclyn Johnson, optimistic world-traveler who is bringing hard-working women together to Create & Cultivate the career of their dreams.

Blogger turned event planner extraordinaire turned CEO, Jaclyn wears all the hats and does all things that bosses everywhere should aspire to. She noticed that Los Angeles based lifestyle and fashion brands needed a little boost and what better way to spark ideas than to bring dreamers, imaginers, and thinkers together!?!?! From Montauk to Portland, hundreds of women have gathered to inspire each other to do better each and every day because of Jaclyn. It's pretty freaking cool!!