HEY GUYS, We Now Offer Chain Stitching!!!!!!

Marisa Guerra

So, what exactly is chain stitching?! It's basically a technique where a bunch of loops are stitched together to form a chain-like pattern. The first examples of chain stitching come from 5th century BC in China! Isn't that awesome? So fast-forward several thousand years, we found an amazing chain stitcher who works on a vintage embroidery machine from the 60's. It's actually all done by hand, so each and every letter is unique in its own magical way. Pretty cool, huh??


That means we now offer both chain stitching AND traditional embroidery! Both are great ways to personalize your apron just the way you like it. Looking for a loopier, more vintage look? Chain stitching!!!! Want to give your apron a more classic touch? Go with traditional embroidery!!!


Some Helpful Tips When Ordering Chain Stitching

1. Go to any of our product pages, and find the embroidery section under the 'Add to Cart Button'. You can choose our regular or chain stitching embroidery. 

2. Limited to 1-2 words (no more than 10 characters total)

3. May add an additional 3-5 shipping days

4. Choose 1 of 10 fun colors! 

5. Chain stitch embroidery lends itself beautifully to cursive script lettering, coincidentally ALL CAPS and INITIALS do not lend themselves to chain stitch script. Please avoid using more than 2 Capital Letters side by side when picking your custom embroidery. 

6. When you add any apron to your cart, the chain stitch option is right below! 

All our embroidery is done freehand style, so you can expect charming imperfections and the appearance of it being hand embroidered. We like it like that. If you're looking for something *computer perfect* we do not suggest ordering this item, as it is truly handmade. All orders with embroidery are non-returnable (but why would you want to?)