Week 3 of 2017's Get In The Kitchen Challenge // Chef Gavin Kaysen

Diane Lieu

Gvain Kaysen Spoon & Stable

Quick Facts
Hometown: Minneapolis
Experience:  Chef/Owner of Spoon & Stable in Minneapolis. Named a "Best New Chef" by Food & Wine. Worked at Cafe Boulud. 2008 James Beard "Rising Star Chef of the Year" #holla!
Current City: Minneapolis
Favorite: salt
Least favorite ingredient: black licorice


Of all the dishes you make, which would you say has been the most challenging/inspiring?

The most inspiring dish I have made is my grandmothers pot roast, simply because, for her, this was a staple item that she cooked for years. This year we did a piece for the New York Times and it was one of the most downloaded recipes of 2016, My grandma Dorothy would be tickled if she knew a humble dish like her pot roast was on the cover of the New York Times.  Every time we cook it, the smell brings me back to her home. She was so special to me and what she did was give me the gift of cooking. She is no longer here, but with us every night at Spoon and Stable serving her pot roast.

Chef Gavin Kaysen

Spoon and Stable was just named one of the best restaurants in America.. woohooo!!! What did you have in mind when you set out to open this restaurant in your hometown? 

My goal was simple: I wanted to move home to be closer to family. I wanted our children to grow up near family, and the fact that they spend time with my parents now is very important to me. I wanted to make sure that they had those kinds of memories I had growing up.  In terms of the restaurant, my goal was to come in a give a new perspective to dining in Minneapolis. I have seen a lot from my travels, and I wanted to give people an extension of that while making the, feel comfortable. At the end of the day I am a Minnesota kid, and I am humbled every night when I see the room filled with guests, two years in and it still blows me away.

 gavin kaysen spoon & stable

Because our "Get in the Kitchen Challenge" is inspired by New Year Resolutions, would you mind sharing one of yours for this year? 

To create more balance in my life. I tend to be addicted to my job, because I love it, but I want to spend more time with my wife and kids this year. I want to learn how to pull back a little to be there for them.  They have always been there for me, providing me with great care, attention and support, I would like to try and give back more this year to them.

 chef cook apron

Alright, so what are your 2-3 challenges for this week? Any tips?

            1.)  Buy everything from a local market, find out who the farmers are, and get to know them, then cook your meal, I promise it will just taste better.

            2.)  Eat out in a restaurant that has been around for at least 15 years. Don’t always go to the hot new places, pay homage to what paved the way


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