Guys, if you haven't been to Felix Trattoria on Abbot Kinney, make a reservation, ride your bike, run, walk, skip, whatever it takes, GET THERE! Trust us, the cacio e pepe and Fiori di zucca are life changing!!!  And the whiskey cocktails, trust us. 

Run by Chef Evan Funke and Janet Zuccarini, Felix is all about regional, family inspired Italian cuisine paired with California's best local produce.

As a local bad ass chef, Funke was so IMMENSELY helpful with the development of our MISE knife bag. We went to Felix to see how he packs up the MISE for his daily hustle.

MISE — What's In My Bag? from Hedley & Bennett on Vimeo.

Whether he's making garganelli or tortellini, Funke's MISE Knife Bag has him covered -- the kickass go-to sidekick to make all his pasta dreams come true.  Let us know if there is another bag on the block that can make 15 different kinds of pasta!!! Thanks for sharing, Chef!! 



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