Nova Modern Apron

Our new Modern collection brings updated features and smarter design to some of your favorite styles. We modified our pockets to hold all your modern devices, and added utility loops for tongs, towels, and any other tool you may need. We've added some technical updates too! Double needle stitching for reinforced durability and a fused bottom hem makes these aprons strong enough for the toughest daily hustle.

To celebrate Earth Day (and every moment on this awesome planet), we made our eco-friendly Nova! Durable black cotton denim is woven with splashes of colorful polyester yarns that are made from recycled bottles. Designed specifically so no fabric goes to waste. #MakingTheWorldGoRound


$89.00 USD


  • 13.5oz Black Cotton Recycled Denim
  • Zero-Waste Curved Pockets
  • Navy Blue and Teal Neck Straps
  • Matte Black Hardware
  • 42" Navy Blue Waist Straps
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