The best part of getting to do what we do is working closely with chefs, bakers, butchers, potters, artists, makers of all kinds! Our custom aprons range from simple and beautiful to crazy technical and unique. If you can dream it, we can make an apron out of it!

From start to finish, each of our products is handmade using the best materials we can get our hands on. We source fabrics from all over the world - think raw Japanese selvage denim, European linens, Italian chambrays, American canvas.

Then, we work with a dye house to create just the right color to match your brand's. We wash & stain-test all fabrics to make sure they can take the heat of a professional kitchen. Every stitch, line and thread is checked and tripled checked to make sure all the details are perfect.

Built to last, each thoughtful detail also plays a part in the functionality of our aprons because we believe in creating products that are as beautiful as they are useful. Protecting your clothes may be important, but so is looking good.