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Ellen Marie Bennett

While working as a line cook at Bäco Mercat and 2-Michelin starred Providence in Los Angeles, Bennett realized the drab, essentially disposable aprons that served as their uniforms needed a major upgrade. She continued working both line cook jobs and threw herself into growing her apron business, spending time at farmers markets on the weekends and busting into kitchens and introducing herself to chefs from all over.

Her approach has always been a straight up hug and real talk. R&D happened in real kitchens and she was able to really listen to what was needed to make a better apron. Aprons led to chef coats which led to work shirts. Hedley & Bennett now makes aprons in a ton of different styles, chef coats for men & women, work shirts, kitchen linens and the MISE knife bag.


If a dinner party & an episode of Chopped had a baby, it would be one of Ellen's #BennettBrunches. A way to connect people from all over her world, Ellen hosts a series of fun & colorful brunches where people bring ingredients and cook together! Something about being side by side and the act of cooking makes for genuine connections, great conversations and of course, beautiful pictures!

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“Her exuberance and
optimism is infectious”

— Martha Stewart

Adventures of an apron CEO

From the Apron HQ in Los Angeles to a CEO retreat in Hawaii to the James Beard Awards in Chicago, take a peek inside the colorful world of our Apron Lady on her Instagram!

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