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7 Things to Know About Your New Hedley & Bennett Knives

1. We designed ours knife from the ground up with top chefs.


Hedley & Bennett was born in a professional kitchen in 2012, and since day one, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with many of the best chefs in the world. To create our H&B knives, we tapped this community — involving them in every stage of the design process. We tested prototype after prototype on the line in award-winning restaurants. We tweaked. We improved. And we kept improving until we were sure we had knives that every kind of cook would love.

2. They're made from high quality steel, so they start sharp, and stay that way.


The three-layer Japanese steel in the H&B Chef’s Knife and Utility Knife was specifically developed to offer the perfect blend of sharpness and durability. The super strong, high-hardness, high-carbon core holds its edge longer, while the outer layers are made of a corrosive resistant steel so your knife stays looking as sharp as it cuts. Our Bread Knives use a German Steel that makes for the ideal serrated edge.

3. They are engineered to be lightweight — a.k.a. just the right weight.


A lot of kitchen knives are just way too heavy, and heavy knives make for tired hands and sloppy cuts. Ask any professional cook, and they'll tell you that a lightweight knife is key to success in the kitchen. H&B Knives feel solid in your hand, yet light enough that you stay in control of your knife and not the other way around.

4. We built comfort into every curve.


A good knife should feel like an extension of your hand. So we dug into the ergonomics of every aspect of each knife, how you hold them, and how you use them. The result is a unique handle design with every curve just where you want it for an effortless grip. We even rounded the spine to feel soft in your fingers as you cut. We honestly think they might be the most comfortable knives you’ve ever held.

5. Those beautiful brass rivets, they‘ll naturally patina over time.


Brass is an incredibly durable material that holds up for a very very long time. But as it's exposed to the elements, its color and finish will change. It's a natural process and one we think makes our knives only that much more beautiful. However, if you ever want to restore the brass to it's original shine, first wash with soap and water, then clean with a water and vinegar solution.

6. To keep it looking clean, wash by hand (not the dishwasher).


To best maintain your knives' performance, and good looks, wash them by hand in warm soapy water, and then wipe dry. Avoid the dishwasher — the high heat, harsh detergents, and general clanging around that happens inside there is not friendly to knives... and not just H&B knives, but any knives.

7. Oh, and don't forget to sharpen!


It should go without saying, but a knife is best when sharp; it cuts better and smoother, and because of that is even safer. But all knives dull with use, even a knife with great edge retention like your new H&B Knife. To keep your Chef's Knife or Utility Knive tip top, use a honing steel to refine your edge whenever it feels like it could use a quick refresh or use a whetstone to re-sharpen the blade more fully.





You are holding an epic knife that dozens of incredible chefs, cooks, designers, engineers and the whole H&B team helped to create. A knife that is beautiful AND functional and gets the job done.


No matter if you’re a pro or just beginning to cook, I am so freaking honored to be a part of your future cooking adventures! Cheers to many future epic meals with epic people with your new epic H&B knife.



Ellen Marie Bennett