Ampersand Patch

We designed a handful of iron-on patches because customizing your gear is the way to go! 

The classic red Hedley & Bennett logo. The ampersand stands for community, dignity, and pride. Wear it loud, squad!


First, choose something to patch up. Apron? Work shirt? Denim jacket? Tote bag? (Make sure it's washed and dry for seamless application.)

Then, place patch in desired spot - design side up - and cover with a thin piece of cotton (like a bandana). Using the Cotton setting (med/high, NO steam!), iron on in a circular motion for about 30 seconds, letting the glue do its thing.

Flip your garment inside out and iron the reverse side for another 30 seconds. Voila. You're patched!


Don't use delicate fabrics like silk, leather, waterproofed fabrics, vinyl, rayon or nylon. Instead, sew it on or use no-sew fabric glue!

When washing your customized threads, flip patched side inside out to help keep it looking fresh!


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  • 2 x 2"