So Why, Exactly, Did We Move?

Steph Rager

Anyone who's ever been to the Apron HQ understands how important a good space is to this crew. Why else would we have a swing, motivational quotes, happy colors and olive trees? Obviously, every company needs enough room to get the job done but for us, the even more important factor has been how we're able to use the space. We've moved once a year, every year, since we've been in business. Each time we need to add more space to handle the dreams and ideas and activities we want to make happen. With this most recent move, we feel like we've hit the jackpot and can't wait to share the finished version with you all!

As of August 1st, we turned in our keys to our beloved Apron HQ in downtown Los Angeles. We said a few sad goodbyes, having really come to love that neighborhood but quickly turned to this new adventure we're diving into (HEAD FIRST). It was an all hands, every person give their all, work 'til you drop kind of endeavor but in a month's time, we found, signed the lease, and renovated an entire 16,000 square foot building. Oh, and we moved 40 employees and all their gadgets and doodads across town. Needless to say, July was a doozie!

We worked hard to make sure this wasn't just a bigger space but also a better space. Every employee had the chance to imagine and create their own space. Someone wanted communal tables for group work, someone else wanted a pantone wall for swatch reference, and one person wanted a fish. Why not add in a tree house where we'll meet with clients to design their custom aprons? And a zipline? Well that one's a given. What started as a "yea and it's big enough we might as well have a zipline" quickly turned into "why the HELL wouldn't we actually have a zipline?". If you weren't sure about driving to Vernon to visit us, I promise you, the zipline's worth it.

We also have grand plans for how we'll use our new space. . .

  • We take huge pride in being American Made and this factory let's us put even more man power toward that cause. American made isn't just a fad. It means American jobs. With our team that feels like it's growing by the day, that's exactly what we're providing!!
  • We are our Apron Squad's biggest cheerleaders. We watch restaurants go from just an idea all the way to a fully functioning restaurant that critics are raving about. We work with chefs who are pouring their heart and sole into these projects and we celebrate their success and cry right alongside them when things don't turn out exactly as planned. This space gives us the chance to take this love to the next level. Remember the School of Hustle back in May? Put it on your calendar, cause it's going to be happening monthly. We already have our first cookbook signing scheduled and couldn't be happier to welcome Mindy Segal as she launches her cook book Cookie Love. (which will be deliciously matched with Hoxie Spritzers!! so RSVP now!!) We want to help, promote and building up every person who gets on the H&B bandwagon and this factory gives us the room to do that.
  • We promise and guarantee the best and highest quality. In the new factory, we're able to produce all of our aprons under one roof which means we can watch and guarantee the best product every step of the way. My desk is in a tree house and I'm not kidding when I say, I can see it all! From where I'm sitting I'm watching a design meeting taking place, a shipment being picked up, our sewers hard at work, a few visitors enjoying the most AMAZING looking bowl of McConnell's ice cream, and a 3 foot tall donkey piñata. The piñata has nothing to do with production but around here, you never know what you might find. 

To sum it all up, the sky's the limit. These are our plans now so image what they'll grow to include even months from now! 

Come visit - see the space - beat the heat with some McConnell's ice cream - sit in my tree house - ride the zipline - pretty much just have a ball!

Here's a few shots of what the space looked like when this whole adventure started. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks to see what it's become!