Aprons for Women: The Perfect Hedley & Bennett Apron for Everyone in Your Life

Hedley & Bennett

Buying aprons for women can be a tricky proposition! While we can all agree that inducing your beloved, relative, or bff into the H&B #apronsquad is the gift that keeps on giving, there are a whole lot of options to peruse. How can you find the best style of womens aprons suited to the one of a kind gal you’re gifting?

To help you choose the best womens apron for the lady in your life, we’ve put together a handy dandy gift guide breaking down the best women's cooking aprons for every type of cook, from your frozen TJs loving wine mom to your aspiring Martha Stewart in training bff. So scroll down to find the type that describes her, and discover the apron of her dreams!


The perfect apron for every woman in your life!

The Domestic Goddess

Her house always smells like brown sugar and garlic, but her kitchen is weirdly spotless. You can always trust her for the perfect home care tip—from flower arranging to making the perfect omelet without breaking a sweat. The Domestic Goddess is easy, breezy, and effortlessly pulled together—so what women's aprons could possibly meet her standards?

The Essential Apron in our Pink Dot pattern is the apron you’re looking for! It has the clean lines and charm of a womens white apron, but brings a dose of womens aprons vintage style appeal. Elegant, easy, and effortlessly chic, it’s destined to become a kitchen classic, as timeless as your friend. 

The Gardener 

Her favorite manicure is the dirt under her fingernails. Her favorite ingredient is fresh herbs. She knows every kind of edible flower, and if you’re nice, will pile them high on your birthday cake. A gardening woman apron needs to be able to multitask—and reflect her favorite place to find culinary inspiration..

Botanical patterned aprons women style will let her know you care. Our Herb Garden Essential Apron is decorated in a pattern of flowers and fronds that will make her feel right at home. She’ll be a woman in apron finery in both her favorite places, going from stovetop to flower bed while looking great doing it.


The perfect apron for every woman in your life!

The Sommelier 

You can always count on her to order the wine at dinner, and bring the perfect bottle to any event. Her women's apron might be coated with a few suspicious red stains, but don’t worry, it’s all in the day’s work of wine tasting. For the sommelier’s apron women style, what you’re drinking with dinner is as important as what’s on the plate, and she needs an apron that reflects her passion. 

Create custom aprons for women who love wine by embroidering a hardworking Crossback Apron (in Bordeaux, of course), with her favorite vintage. With pockets strong enough to help her haul a couple of bottles, and a strap on the side to hang her serving towel, she’ll look and feel like a pro!

The Creative

She’s not afraid to flambee. She once made you ravioli from scratch, each little pocket a slightly different size and shape, but all equally delicious. The Creative is here to get messy and keep things interesting, and she needs an apron for women who love to explore.

The Dream First Essential Apron is the perfect pairing for this inspired chef. Created in honor of H&B founder Ellen Bennett’s memoir; Dream First, Details Later, it’s as unexpected and fun as your friend’s cooking style. Pro tip: get this style of aprons for womens personalized with an embroidered phrase or monogram to really get on her level.

The Super Mom

She’s no stranger to the dangers of messy little hands. Her sous chefs are working their way up towards being trusted with a real knife. It goes without saying that you need to look at aprons for women with pockets to hold snacks, bandaids, and the million objects crammed into her magic Mary Poppins style purse, but what style of woman kitchen apron will meet her standards?

Inspire those little kitchen helpers to eat their vegetables with The Essential Sesame Street Apron, featuring all their favorite friends. Adding a sense of fun to womens kitchen aprons helps make dinnertime run smoothly, with Elmo and Big Bird on the case!

The Renegade 

A culinary explorer, The Renegade is definitely more than a little bit rock n roll. She loves combining bold and unexpected ingredients. She’s never met a recipe she didn’t want to tweak. This fearless flavor blender needs women's kitchen aprons that reflect her bold, audacious style, while honoring the icons she loves.

Instead of a generic womens aprons with sayings, get her an apron that says it all! The special, limited edition H&B colab with The Grateful Dead brings together all her favorite things. As rugged as a classic womens denim apron with an added dose of cool, it’s guaranteed to bring a welcome dose of swagger to any stovetop. 

The Baking Babe

This one’s for your coworker who’s always leaving brownies in the breakroom, for the pal who brings a homemade pie or two to every friendsgiving. The baker is organized, precise, and always ready to let you help clean up by licking the spoon. She needs a baking apron for womens needs as sweet as she is!

So which of our cute womens aprons should you choose? We love The Essential Apron in a sugar sweet Bubblegum Pink shade. Not only will the rosy hue remind her of her favorite frosting, our take on the classic bib aprons for women look is comfy and functional, easy to slip on and off as she stirs that ganache or preheats the oven.


The perfect apron for every woman in your life!

The Grill Boss

She’s happies basking in the light of an open flame. She could talk about charcoal vs. wood smoke for hours. Her happiest cooking memories take place on a camping trip or at a backyard bbq—and she needs a women's work apron that can handle the heat of getting out of the kitchen!

It goes without saying that this grilling girl needs a womens kitchen aprons with pockets to handle her saucing, flipping, and firetending needs, but a womens leather apron is too sweaty to wear in front of a fire. Get her our hardworking Waxman in Atlantic Blue for an apron as stylish as it’s substantial.

The Hostess With The Mostess 

You’ve been over to her house to dinner more often than you can count. She’s a people pleaser, a crowd feeder, at her happiest handing out apps and cocktails to a table full of her nearest and dearest. You need to find the best womens aprons for this queen of the culinary scene, but what style could meet her socializing and serving needs?

Inspired by the style of vintage womens aprons of the past, Our Essential Apron in Gold Poppy is elegant enough to transition effortlessly between the stovetop and the supper table. A great looking take on the classic women's aprons with pockets style, it’s both cute and functional, packing plenty of space to contain her last minute seasoning additions and looking great at the head of the table. Forget the obligatory bottle of wine—this is a hostess gift that’ll definitely get you invited back!

The Top Chef 

She loves a cook along challenge. Her favorite way to try out new recipes is to recreate the dishes she’s seen on TV. There’s no doubt that this connoisseur won’t be satisfied with any generic womens apron pattern—she needs women's chef aprons that are up to the high standard of the shows she loves!

H&B is here to save the day with our pro level Blue Moss Essential Apron, which has been rocked by the Cheftestants on Top Chef. Make her feel like she’s part of the gang by creating 

customized aprons for women's unique styles, stitching her name onto the pocket so she’ll stand out of the crowd. Can we get a hard working yet stylish apron on your favorite aspiring contestant in no time flat? Yes chef!

The Romantic

For The Romantic, it all starts with date night. She wants to emulate the classic style of women in aprons from old Hollywood movies, putting together a functional yet chic look. Her love language is the three course meal, served in candlelight just for two. No basic womens black apron for this gal!

Indulge her old fashioned spirit by letting her wear her heart on her apron, not on her sleeve! The Essential Apron in this sweet Pink Hearts design is as functional as it’s romantic, the perfect way to say thank you for a romantic evening in. If you really want to win her heart, indulge her by creating customized aprons for womens individual identities, embroidering her initials, or a cute celebrity couple name inspired mashup of your identities, right over her heart.

Whatever cooking style the women in your life prefers, Hedley & Bennett has the perfect apron to meet her needs. Explore the collection to find the apron of her dreams. And if she happens to reward you with a delicious homemade meal? Well, we’d just consider that a bonus!