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Atlantic - PREORDER


Waxman Apron

Atlantic - PREORDER


Waxman Apron

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In a lush dark blue as vivid as its watery namesake, The Atlantic Waxman apron is named for one of the world’s greatest seafood sources. Tough enough to handle life on any deep sea fishing boat, the Waxman Apron’s heavy duty waterproof waxed canvas and leather straps are built to handle the hustle.

We guarantee the lifetime of each item made by Hedley & Bennett, including The Waxman Apron in Atlantic against failure or damage in its intended usage.

We stand behind everything we make! If you are not fully satisfied with one of our products at the time that you receive it, you may return it to us for a replacement or refund within 30 days.

**DO NOT WASH THIS APRON** Spot clean with cold, damp cloth. Re-apply canvas wax as needed.

Meal: Buckwheat Blinis with Wild Caught Atlantic Smoked Salmon

Meet the Waxman Apron

An apron built to handle anything you can throw at it. Literally.

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Our Toughest Apron Ever

The Waxman Apron is in a league of its own. It's the heavyweight of the apron line (we mean that literally; it's made from 12.5 oz. waxed canvas), virtually indestructible and crafted to work hard--or show you're working hard. This apron, like you, is strong enough to handle day after day at the grill, yet stylish enough to inspire double takes in the kitchen.

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Built to last

It's all in the details! The Waxman Apron features: a waxed chest pocket for the most essential tools in your arsenal, a leather towel loop (anyone who grew up watching their grandparents fling a towel over their shoulder while cooking will appreciate this one), and antique brass hardware that's hardworking and good looking, just like you.

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Ridiculously rugged

We made the Waxman Apron out of the idustry's need for something ridiculously rugged. Every inch of our Waxman Apron has been carefully considered, not least of which is the fabric: waxed canvas is considered the OG waterproof material, and it’s been in use for over a hundred years. It’s one of many details that make this our sturdiest apron.

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