How to Wash Our Newest Apron, Evergreen!

Accounting KYB

Chances are if you've heard about our 5th birthday, you've also heard about our newest apron that we released in honor of it, EVERGREEN. It's made with a 10 oz hunter green brushed bull denim and is the perfect combination of super soft yet strong fabric. Our favorite part has to be the awesome crossback straps that feature both premium leather and 100% cotton webbing, because being comfortable and looking like a badass should go hand in hand. 💪 

So what happens when things get messy and you need to show your new apron some TLC? We've broken it down into a few easy steps so you can have your Evergreen apron looking as good as new in no time without harming it's leather features. 🙌

1. Gently pop off straps on front of apron

2. Slide straps out of sides of apron

3. Wash body of apron, lay flat to dry

4. Reattach straps on front of apron

 5. Slide straps back into sides of apron

6. Get back to hustlin'!