Looking Back At H&B's 5 Years!

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Did you hear?! We're turning 5️⃣ !!! So we figured what better way to celebrate than looking back on all of the awesome people, events, and moments that got us to where we are today? Let's travel back in time and see how far we've come! 🎉


The Apron Idea - While working as a line cook in two kitchens here in LA, Ellen is inspired to design a functional, badass apron.

First Order - Chef Josef Centeno and the team at Bäco Mercat are the first to order aprons from Ellen - who also worked there.

First OfficeEllen and the team move into H&B's very first office in downtown Los Angeles! ✨

1 Year Anniversary - Heath Ceramics helps us celebrate our first anniversary with an awesome store installation.

Apron Squad OG's - Tons of AMAZING people join the squad including Jon ShookVinny Dotolo, Josiah Citrin, Michael Voltaggio, Bryan Voltaggio, Josef Centeno, Nancy SilvertonMichael Cimarusti, and Bruce Kalman to name a few!


First Kids Line - The Apron Squad grows to include our Mini Apron Squad line. 🎈 


    Second Office - The squad moves to a second, bigger office! Growing so quickly!

    Full Time - Ellen leaves Providence to work for H&B full time!!!

    Collaborations - Alton Brown, Mario Batali, and SpaceX join The Apron Squad. 🙌

      Events - We sponsor Alex’s Lemonade for the first time ever and have worked together ever since, helping the fight against childhood cancer. 🍋

      Features - The Los Angeles Times features us!


        Chef Coats - Our first ever chef coats are launched, which is HUGE. ⚡️

        Third Office - The team moves to an even bigger office - we add on more team members as the brand grows & grows!

        Collaborations - We work with Intelligentsia and Shake Shack to make badass aprons for their teams.

        Features - Ellen is featured in Zagat’s 30 Under 30 and Los Angeles Magazine. 👏

          The Apron Squad - The squad grows to include Martha Stewart, Grant Achatz, and Paul Kahan!


            Fourth Office - The team moves to our current office and factory in Vernon!

              Features - We're featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Food & Wine and we outfit the chefs on Ludo Lefebvre’s The Taste!

              The Apron Squad - More exciting people join the squad, including Jonathan Waxman, Evan Funke, and Hugh Acheson 🎉


                New Products - Work shirts, chef caps, and our first ever Potter Apron are all launched!

                Collaborations - We design custom aprons for two badass teams, The Hundreds and Bon Appétit. 💪

                  Events - We sponsor Cochon555 and host a party to welcome Shake Shack to the West Coast!

                    4 Year Anniversary - We celebrate our 4th birthday with a huge colorful carnival right here in Vernon. 🎪


                    Big News - Healthcare is provided for the awesome Apron Squad team!!!

                    Chainstitching - This super cool, loopy form of embroidery is added to our list of ways to customize your apron. ✂️

                    Collaborations - We get to work with Dominique Ansel to design our (RED) Apron for the (RED) Campaign!

                      Features - We outfit the chefs on Iron Chef Gauntlet in our chef coats!

                      5 Year Anniversary - We partner with Instagram to host our first ever School of Hustle, an event for entrepreneurs all about hustling, to celebrate turning 5!!