A conversation on the path to reopening restaurants
with Ellen Bennett (Hedley & Bennett) and Nick Kokonas (Tock and Alinea Group)


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1pm PT / 4pm ET

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Nick Kokonas
Founder and CEO, Tock

Nick Kokonas founded Tock to change the restaurant industry by connecting restaurants and their customers in new ways. He brings domain expertise and 20+ years of founder level entrepreneurial experiences across several industries. Nick co-owns the Alinea Group which he co-founded in 2004; 5 Restaurants, 350+ employees, 4 Michelin Stars. With 12 James Beard Awards, 2 Award winning books, and lots more.

Ellen Bennett
Founder and CEO, Hedley & Bennett

Ellen Bennett founded H&B to change the restaurant industry through workwear that inspires. She started the business while working as a line cook, and from just $300 in savings, she grew the company into a culinary brand recognized around the world. Today, Hedley & Bennett outfits many of the best chefs in the world as well as thousands of restaurants, cafes, hotels and more from from coast to coast.


As things begin to slowly reopen, it’s becoming clear that it is a very different world than it was just a couple months ago. We see the the pivots you’ve made to survive. Shifting to takeout, building meal kits, doing whatever it takes to keep the lights on and folks fed. Truly, you inspire us. As we have watched all of this unfold, we can’t help but think about the role restaurants play in all of our lives. The word “restaurant” comes from the French verb restaurer, meaning to restore. When we look at the state of our community, our industry and the world at large, it is clear that we have never needed that restoration more. We here at H&B are here to support you in that effort in whatever way we can, and we're proud to partner with the innovators at Tock for this valuable conversation.