The Wake Up & Fight MasK

Frequently Asked Questions
All answers transcribed from our Q&A with Dr. Robert Cho, Chief of Staff of Shriners for Children Medical Center. Watch the full video below.



How do I use the mask?

Insert a filter material (see below for recommendations) inside of the mask. Place it over your nose and mouth and pull the straps around the ears so it fits snuggly. For best protection place some tape across your nose and cheeks to seal the mask to your face. This ensures the air flows through the mask and filter and not around it.

After use, dispose of the filter and wash your mask in hot water.

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Do I need to put a filter in the mask?

Yes. Cloth masks alone do not offer meaningful protection because of their large pore size. All surgical masks are made of paper-based filters which have far smaller holes to screen out bacteria and viruses and small particulates.

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What can I use for a filter? 

The best option is to use any kind HEPA filter. There was a study done in 2013 that showed vacuum bags are nearly as effective as surgical masks at screening out bacterial and viral aerosols.

A few of our suggested options are: Vacuum cleaner bag, air conditioner filters, air purifier filters. Even coffee filters and other similar papers can work in a pinch. The key is you can’t just do cloth alone.

Look for these materials at hardware stores near you or online for delivery.

We have also partnered with a company called Think Crucial to help facilitate your search. Order directly from them and receive 30% off your order. ORDER NOW

How do I make and insert the filter into the mask?

Once you have your filter material, use this template to trace out and cut the filter to shape. Roll it like to put one side in, then the other side in and flatten it inside. Make sure it goes edge to edge.

Remember to remove and dispose of the filter between uses.

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How often can I use the filter?

Use it the filter once and then dispose of it. It’s kind of like toilet paper, would you use toilet paper more than once?

Is this a replacement for N95 Masks?

N95 respirators are in short supply. They need to be worn by people at the highest risk such as intensive care doctors or anesthesiologists. If you have an unused N95 mask you should donate it to a local hospital immediately.

What about a metal nose piece?

We chose to do this without because it makes it more durable. Even in operating room settings, tape is the preferred seal. But remember, have a good fit with a good seal is critical for best functioning of any mask.

When can I get one?

We are ramping production now and prioritizing deliveries to hospitals and others on the front lines. We are fulfilling orders to online customers beginning late March. Anyone can order via our Buy 1-Give 1 page (which includes a dropdown option to "Donate 2" masks if you don't need one yourself.

If you are a organization who would like to order in bulk, or is seeking donations, please fill out your info on this form and we'll get back to you soon.



The single best way to help the COVID-19 crisis is to stay home. Stay inside your home and respect social distancing as much as possible. If you do go outside of your house, maintain at least 6 foot distance from any other person. Do not have parties or playdates with any other people outside of your immediate household.

I want to donate! HOW?

Go to our Buy 1 - Give 1 page, you’ll see a little dropdown in the price box, select “Donate 2.” Choosing this funds two masks that we will produce for donation.

Can I choose where my donated masks go?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to do that at this time. If you have a hospital or healthcare institution where you want these to go, please fill out details on the form on this page, and we can get back to people that way.

How do I get in touch with hospitals to donate masks?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to get a hold of many hospitals at a time. The best way is to try your local hospital and ask for their supply chain manager to see if they have any needs. If they do, please have them fill out the form here specifying the details of their needs.


What else do we need to know about being safe right now?

Take social distancing seriously. This means really cutting down on interactions with others. Stay at home as much as you possibly can.

Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands often.

If someone has symptoms, do they go to the ER?

The first thing to do is call your primary care physician. If you don't have one, call your local urgent care. Remember, if you have a cough or mild fever it could be anything, there are still normal colds and flus going around. However, if you have sustained fever greater than 100.4, if you have shortness of breath, and/or a constellation of all the other symptoms, then go to the ER immediately.

Watch our founder Ellen Bennett discussing the mask with Dr. Robert Cho, chief of staff of Shriners Hospital for Children:

"Be safe. Be kind. Stay home as much as possible. Wash your hands. Get enough sleep."