Jack Crossback Apron

This badass apron is specially crafted for the doers in our lives - the dreamers and makers who love getting their hands (and clothes) dirty. 

We love our crossback style! Designed specifically to distribute the apron's weight evenly, making it super comfortable for long wear. Jack is made with a sturdy 10 oz. denim and features natural leather accents for detail and extra support. And the waist has reinforced paneling for durability! 

Pro Tip: This apron will patina over time as the denim wears in - and it's machine washable, even with the leather! 


$96.00 USD


  • 10 oz Denim
  • Angled Square Lap Pockets
  • Triple Chest Pocket
  • Mini Towel Loop
  • Leather Details
  • Cross Back Straps