10 Places You’ll See a Hedley & Bennett Apron

Hedley & Bennett

Here at Hedley & Bennett, it’s no secret that we take aprons seriously. Inspired by our founder Ellen Bennett’s experiences in professional restaurant kitchens, where she was frustrated by low quality aprons that tore under stress, our hardworking aprons are ready to take on any challenge.

That’s why we wanted to share some of our favorite places we’ve spotted Hedley & Bennett aprons in the wild, from their starting place in professional kitchens, to workshops, cafes, and beyond! Break out that bingo card, because here are the top ten places you might see a Hedley & Bennett design in the wild.

As A Kitchen Apron in a Professional Restaurant 

Let’s get back to where it all started, in the world of kitchen aprons. Ellen’s passion for professional restaurant cooking was what inspired us to make our first kitchen apron, and these days we’re proud to say we make the best kitchen apron designs around, from kitchen aprons for men and woman kitchen apron designs, to plus size kitchen aprons to fit chefs of any size.

Sure, we’re biased, but the growing #apronsquad that’s proud to show off their cute kitchen apron designs from Hedley & Bennett would have to agree. These days, you can find our apron kitchen designs everywhere, from the private chefs who cater luxury rentals in Hawaii to the five star chefs at LA’s legendary Chateau Marmont Hotel. We’ve even been spotted in New Orleans, butchering meat with the best of them to make seriously gourmet sandwiches without breaking a sweat. So if you’re looking for a hard working yet sexy kitchen apron, the #apronsquad is here to show you that H&B does it best!

Tableside as a Waitress Apron

Sure, we’re tough enough to take the heat of any professional kitchen, but it would be a shame to hide away our cute waitress aprons behind a hot stove! That’s why so many restaurants turn to H&B for waitress aprons, and why if you’re trying to figure out 

where to buy aprons for waitressing, Hedley & Bennett should be the first on your list. From basic black waitress apron designs to colorful, delightfully patterned custom waitress aprons embroidered with your name, we’re here to do it all. 

Just like the professional chefs who love the toughness of our designs, you can find Hedley & Bennett waitress aprons near me at many of our favorite restaurants. We make aprons for waitresses at the legendary Jeni’s Ice Cream, and at the many restaurants of Austin’s decadent Uchi Hospitality Group. You can even find us around the world, in places like Aux Terasses in France. So if you’re wondering, where can I buy a waitress apron, you’ve found your answer! 

As a Barber Apron During Your Next Haircut

We might be well known for our relationship with the restaurant community, but it’s an open secret that Hedley & Bennett makes a mean custom barber apron. In fact, you might have already spotted our barber aprons at your local salon! Our barber aprons custom designs can be selected in any color or pattern that suits your brand, making them the perfect final touch for the ultimate aesthetic experience. 

We think Hedley & Bennett’s barber shop apron designs is the best barber apron you could find, because they work perfectly for multi-tasking, with a towel loop, adjustable straps, and a plethora of pockets for storing your tools. The hard working Waxman design is as tough as any leather barber apron, but easier to clean at the end of a long day. Our barber shop aprons are a great way to stand out, without compromising on quality.

As A Server Apron at your Favorite Bar or Coffee Shop

We’ve already shouted out the server aprons at our many #apronsquad family restaurants, but that might not be what you’re looking for if you’re out here Googling “server aprons near me.” Sometimes, you want to keep it simple, with a black server apron or other minimalist design—and don’t stress, because we’ve got you covered.

So many amazing businesses found us when searching for where to buy server aprons, and we’re so proud to have them as part of the squad. From the bartenders at Black Market Liquor Bar in Studio City, to the caffeine craftspeople at Dallas’ Ascension Coffee, Hedley & Bennett’s server apron designs don’t quit. Not only do we make cute server aprons, we happen to think they're the best server aprons around.

Mike Cherman of MARKET in the Essential Olive Hedley & Bennett Apron

In the Garden as a Sturdy Gardening Apron

Maybe you’re more of an outdoors type, more used to digging in the actual garden than hanging out with the Hedley & Bennett #apronsquad members at the Hilton Garden Inn. Fortunately for our green thumbed fans, we happen to make a mean garden apron, perfect for getting down and dirty with your favorite flowers, veggies, or herbs.

Our gardening aprons are super functional and built to last. We create gardening apron with pockets to spare, as well as a bonus towel loop that makes the perfect place to hang your trowel. And not only are they here for all your practical gardeners apron needs, we have tons of garden apron pattern designs themed to suit your style, like our fan favorite Herb Garden garden aprons, which are adorned with an iconic pattern of edible blossoms and blooms.

In the Workshop as a Woodworkers Apron

When trying to find the perfect woodworking apron, it can be a challenge to track down woodworking aprons as fashionable as they are functional. Sure, classic leather woodworking apron designs can be tough, but they’re often cumbersome and heavy, making them frustrating to use as a woodshop apron when you need to stay nimble.

That’s one of the reasons why we’ve been welcoming so many woodwork apron enthusiasts to the squad! Our Waxman design is especially good as a shop aprons for woodworkers, with an ultra tough fabrication that makes it as substantial as a leather apron woodworking design would be, but much lighter and easier to use. Combine that toughness with our woodworker's apron design touches like plenty of pockets and a handy tool loop, and you’ll agree that H&B makes the best woodworking aprons around.

On the Jobsite, as a Hardworking Carpenters Apron

The toughness, style, and unbeatable functionality of our woodworker’s apron designs mean that you’ll also see Hedley & Bennett out of the workshop, on the jobsite as a carpenter apron. 

Just like leather woodworking aprons, carpenters' leather apron designs can be a pain on hot days. Our Waxman carpenter's apron is tougher than traditional fabric carpenter aprons, built from seriously substantial yet easy to wear material. And our carpenter tool aprons belt loop and pockets means you’ll have plenty of places to stash your supplies as you go about your day!

In the Salon, as a Classic Hair Stylist Apron

At Hedley & Bennett, we’re proud of the way we blend fashion and function. Our apron designs are strong enough for the workshop, but stylish enough to make for a great salon apron design. Rock your H&B hair cutting apron with confidence, knowing you’ve got the protection you need.

When choosing a stylist apron, there are several key features that help us stand out above the ordinary styles of aprons you might use as a hairdresser apron. Coming in a wide variety of patterns and designs, an H&B hair apron allows you to flex your apron style, looking good while transforming your customers locks. But just because we make trendy hair stylist aprons doesn’t mean we skimp on function! Our hair stylist aprons are built to last, with built in features like pockets and a towel loop, and a lifetime guarantee.

On TV, as Chef Aprons Worn by Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs

Once you keep your eyes open, you’ll see plenty of H&B chef apron designs throughout your day. But if you’re having a night in and cooking at home, you might not expect to see any other chefs apron designs other than the one you keep hanging by the kitchen door.

However, if you turn on the TV, there’s a surprise in store! Hedley & Bennett makes the chefs aprons used on many of your cooking shows, including Top Chef, and Next Level Chef. In fact, super fans can even buy the official Top Chef chef aprons with pockets, adjustable straps, and our pro favorite towel loop. Make it extra professional by embroidering your initials or name onto your custom chef apron, and cook along with your favorite TV pros!

Anywhere You Need a Sturdy Apron for Work

Last but not least, you’ll find Hedley & Bennett anywhere you need aprons for work. From cooking up gourmet cuisine in a chef work apron, to choosing work aprons heavy duty designs for carpentry, woodworking, and gardening, wherever you go, you’ll find a Hedley & Bennett apron waiting. Our work aprons are ready for any kind of apron work, from building a table to icing cupcakes to eat off it.

 Ready to start apron adventures of your own? Start shopping to find your perfect fit!