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    H&B’s totes are made for all types of carrying. When the hustle is real.. you don’t have time to stop and swap bags.

    The Hedley & Bennett Denim tote is the perfect everyday go-to bag - use it for groceries, picnic essentials or even as an overnighter. This H&B bag is big enough to fit a laptop and quite a few notebooks or your latest haul from the farmer's market!

    The new H&B Oversized Canvas Tote is BIG... and we mean REALLY BIG. This carry-all bag is strong enough to hold your heaviest bundles - whether you’re packing for a weekend getaway or just toting all of the kitchen gear you need for service (plus a change of clothes). The double layered bottom is also sturdy enough to stand upright on its own and the base is made with a special antimicrobial, vinyl coated nylon that is water and tear resistant, to help it hold up in the toughest conditions.

    All of our handmade totes feature an inner loop so that your keys aren't lost in a sea of stuff, as well as outside pockets and perfect-length handles. That way you're able to quickly grab your bag on the run or throw it over your shoulder as you head off on your next great adventure.