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I'm old enough to know that birthdays will be what you make of them. So for my birthday every year, I coerce my 4 best friends to meet me in another city for a weekend of food adventures and being cold. This year, low airfares and a famed shiny bean were enough to persuade the squad to book tickets for Chicago. Illinois is a state I hadn't before visited and the only parameters I had set were "let's go to a city I haven't been to before and eat everything." They agreed.

The email thread leading up to the trip nailed two things down: 1.) holy sh*t we're adults now, who plan things via email and not text message. Is this what your late twenties are like? 2.) "where are eating?" is probably the only question that needed answering after "where are we sleeping?"

A list was rounded out. With help from one of account managers, Allie, we cobbled together a list of restaurants and bars that were "must-sees."  Lots of animals in the names - goat, cheval, dove, chicken. Next? Make some reservations... shout out to Open Table for making that a process that required a few clicks and no calls. 

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A giveaway with a whole lot of goodies? 


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Our good friend and baking genius Joy Wilson aka Joy the Baker is releasing a new cookbook about one of our most favorite topics on the entire planet... BRUNCH. It's called Over Easy and it's got recipes for pretty much anything brunch related/adjacent.


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Eggs, pancakes, juices, breakfast salads... donuts, stuffed loaves of bread... it's a freakin' dream. We're so excited because she's about to hit the road on her book tour and she's taking along TWO CUSTOM aprons we collaborated on!

 joy the baker over easy cookbook brunch

The first one is a beautiful rust colored linen petite apron. Made with a crossback so it's comfy from the get-go. We loved this super soft, lightweight linen fabric, beautifully subdued.

apron collab joy the baker

The second is a great twist on our Turbot, with a pop of bright yellow that reminds us of a perfectly runny egg yolk. They'll both be available online at www.hedleyandbennett.com come Monday. Stay tuned!!



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When Antonio of Life & Thyme reached out about using our photo studio upstairs for an upcoming photo series featuring bad ass women in the LA food scene, the answer could only be YES! He partnered with Deepi Ahluwalia to create beautifully powerful portraits of these female leading forces, illustrating an amazing balance of grace and strength.

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We're so excited to share that Bear & Bear now carries selective H&B styles in the UK! Bear & Bear is based between West London and the South West of France, curating lifestyle goods that translate seamlessly in urban life and nature. We interviewed the founders, Sam and Ben, to give you a glimpse of their kickass company from the other side of the globe!  

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Do you ever meet someone and just... ⚡️Click⚡️???

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