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THE SCOOP. Hedley & Bennett's quick 5 minute survey with culinary (& culinary adjacent!) questions that give you a little look into the minds of the bad ass hustlers who visit H&B.

Meet-- Rosio Sanchez, former Pastry Chef at Noma, and now BOSS LADY at her taqueria, Hija De Sanchez and newest restaurant, Sanchez in Copenhagen. With her humble beginnings growing up on the southside of Chicago eating tacos de lengua and paletas, Rosario has made her way across the pond all the way to Denmark where she brings the flavors of her Mexican heritage to share with her community of Danes.

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This year's Get In The Kitchen Challenge was AMAZING!!! Thank you to everyone who participated and shared all of your awesome recipes and photos!  Everyone here at Apron HQ had the EXTREMELY DIFFICULT task of picking ONE lucky winner considering they were all so good!  At the end of a very long deliberation, we picked one lucky winner--Tiffany!


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THE SCOOP. Hedley & Bennett's quick 5 minute survey with culinary (& culinary adjacent!) questions that give you a little look into the minds of the bad ass hustlers who visit H&B.

Meet-- Scott Conant, an award-winning chef, judge on Chopped and lover of pasta. Originally from the East Coast, Scott's been moving his way across the states and now into the West side with restaurants in Arizona, California, and very soon Nevada.  With plenty of books and awards under his belt--or rather, apron, Scott's become that regular face on TV we all love!

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Ellenmariebennett founder ceo apron work wear company

To make it easy for you, we threw together some links for all of Ellen's current inspirations + obsessions!


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One of my favourite things to do is a studio visit. It's an amazing opportunity to work directly with the incredible makers/craftsmen/artisans who wear our aprons. Being in Los Angeles, we are so blessed to be surrounded by talented, passionate hustlers who do everything from custom bike build-outs, to handmade ceramics, to floristry. Last week, I was able to swing by Kristen Caissie's studio, a bright and beautiful space nestled between Silverlake and Koreatown.

kristen caissie moon canyon california florist

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What is Kanpachi?  And Why Not All Farmed Fish Suck!

omega blue kanpachi

Kanpachi is a English translation for the Japanese Kanji pronunciation of a species of fish scientifically identified as Seriola Rivoliana.  Widely regarded as the best tasting of the nine unique species of fish in the Seriola or Jack family, generically labeled Yellowtail.  However confusing Kanpachi with Hamachi or Hiramasa would be akin to confusing cabbage with a turnip, brussels sprout, rapini or rutabaga, all members of the genus called Brassica.  If you’re observing these plants as they grow, it’s easy to see they are all of the same family.  However, each have very unique characteristics. Not only do various members of the Seriola family each have unique taste, texture and aging characteristics, their environment, cultivation, farming, diet and harvest methods vary significantly and greatly affect the end product.  

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It's that time of the year again!!! A fresh start, a clean slate, a list of resolutions that we're all going to tackle with a renewed "eyes on the prize" mentality. Every January, we start off the year right with our Get In The Kitchen Challenge. It's a good way to help kickstart those resolutions that revolve around eating better/cooking at home more/eating less sugar/meat/carbs, cooking with family, the list goes on!!

This year, we've partnered with some culinary powerhouses to create 3 solid challenges for you, our apron squad, to take on. 

kristen kish

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