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3 Ways You Can Personalize Your Hedley & Bennett Apron

There’s nothing that says “I love you” quite like a custom apron. Creating a personalized apron design is a great way to show your culinarily inclined loved one you get them—or to treat yourself to a lifetime of being asked what’s cookin', good lookin?

At Hedley & Bennett, we consider ourselves experts in the world of custom aprons. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the three step process of creating the custom made apron (or custom made aprons if you’re the generous type!) of your dreams. 

We’ll guide you through the process of picking the apron custom design that perfectly suits your cooking model, from selecting a style and pattern to getting your apron personalized with a final embroidered touch. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work on your custom apron design!


Step One: Find Your Style 

Meet the Essential, the Crossback, and the Waxman Aprons


When creating your custom chef apron, the first thing to consider is what kind of chef you are. At H&B we work hard to create aprons for every kind of maker—from pastry loving sweet tooths to grillmasters extraordinaire. Heck, maybe you’re not even looking for an apron to cook in, instead seeking out personalized hair stylist aprons to protect you from falling locks, or a personalized photo apron for getting crafty in. Maybe you just like lounging around the house in your collection of custom cooking aprons, and are building a collection of personalized kitchen aprons to suit your every mood. 

Wherever your apron journey leads, you’ll start creating your personalized aprons with a big choice: which of the big three Hedley & Bennett apron styles is best for a cook like you?

The Essential Apron

Packed with a bevy of chef and maker friendly features, there’s a reason we call this apron style essential. If you’re not sure where to begin your apron custom design process, we think this might be the apron for you!

With roomy pockets, a towel strap, and adjustable waist tie that you can cinch to create the perfect fit, The Essential Apron is the ultimate easy, everyday apron choice for casual and serious cooks alike. It’s packed with features designed to make cooking easy and fun, including the roomiest pockets in the biz and a “I didn’t know I needed that” towel loop you’ll love.

So what kind of cook might enjoy basing their custom design aprons on The Essential? If you’re looking for personalized aprons for her, The Essential is a great option for Moms and other multitaskers balancing cooking a pocketful of essentials, creating the custom professional chef aprons of their amateur chef dreams.

We love transforming The Essential into a custom cooking apron as the ultimate milestone gift, from newlywed’s kicking off their culinary journey as a couple to grads moving into that first grown up apartment. An Essential personalized chef apron is a gift they’ll use for a lifetime!

The Crossback

Ideally suited for serious chefs, The Crossback Apron contains all the fan favorite features of The Essential, plus an extra bonus in the form of a super comfy strap. Designed with the needs of professionals in mind, The Crossback is a fabulous style for creating custom chef aprons for cooks both professional and those who take their kitchen work as seriously as if they were being paid. It’s an apron for going the distance, the long distance runner to The Essential’s playful sprint.

If your friends are always telling you you should open a restaurant, The Crossback is as close as you can get to the professional kitchen without putting on a Swedish Chef inspired personalized chef hat and apron set! The big difference here is the strap style, whose secret is in The Crossback’s name. Two straps lay over your shoulders, preventing your neck from getting strained as you check on that cassoulet, or stir your carefully crafted risotto. 

If you’re looking for personalized mens aprons or a personalized apron for her that she can leave on while lounging in style, The Crossback is the personalized apron for you. The Crossback cook isn’t afraid to take on a serious cooking project, and loves spending the day on a big cooking project. Consider it the perfect base to create custom baking aprons for chefs unafraid of tackling homemade croissants, or a personalized grilling apron for the pitmaster who knows a good smoke takes all day.

The Waxman

As handy as The Essential, as comfortable as The Crossback, The Waxman is an extra rugged, rough and tumble apron ideal for creating personalized aprons for men and women who like to get messy, in the kitchen and beyond. In our running analogy, The Waxman is the Ironman of aprons—heavy duty, ready for anything, and definitely not afraid to get wet.

With heavy canvas encased in a protective coating, The Waxman is a great place to start creating aprons for men personalized for the guy in your life who loves to get his hands dirty. It offers an extra layer of protection for the BBQ cook who has to contend with the spectre of woodsmoke, making The Waxman a great place to start when designing custom mens aprons for your annual father’s day grillfest.

But it doesn’t stop in the kitchen! The mens personalized aprons you create with The Waxman as your foundation are perfect for all kinds of making and crafts—from woodwork to painting and beyond. Long story short, if you need to find your guy personalized aprons for him that can take whatever life throws at him, The Waxman is the apron for you.

Step Two: Pick Your Pattern


So many apron patterns and colors to choose from!



Now that you’ve got your personalized chef hat and apron look on lock (minus the hat!), it’s time for step two: picking your perfect pattern. So what kind of apron pattern is the best choice for you? 

Get graphic and adorn your personalized aprons with pictures of your favoriteSesame Street characters, or feed your inner rock dad with aGrateful Dead Bear style. A custom apron with picture designs can be a great way to bring some whimsy to the kitchen, and make the best

custom bbq aprons for adding a sense of playful energy to your grilling party.

Maybe you’re more of a pattern guy or gal, in search of custom printed aprons worthy of your fashion style. Get your aprons for womens personalized with a just for her pattern like our classicHerb Garden design, which makes a wonderful custom made apron for the gardener and cook alike. Or perhaps you want your personalized cooking apron to have a little more glamour, like the cute enough to wear at the dinner tableGold Poppylook.

If you like to keep your custom kitchen aprons simple, a solid color may be the key to your heart. When you’re building custom aprons with pockets, straps, and all the frills, sometimes simplicity helps that functionality shine! Create a personalized grill apron with the rugged Waxman inAtlantic Blue, or pick out a perennially popularDenver for a personalized apron for him any chef would adore.

Step Three: Get Personal 



You’ve found your style and picked the perfect pattern. How could it get more personal than that? Well buckle up baby, because our personalized cooking aprons come with embroidery! And don’t worry—with our custom embroidered aprons no minimum order is necessary for that perfect final touch.

Create custom aprons with logo designs, like a name, short phrase, or initials. Nothing says custom kitchen apron like an apron that literally has your name (or initial!) on it. Your custom apron with logo could be the jumping off point of your home cooking business, a great way to encourage your favorite cook to start that at home bakery or pizza popup of their dreams. Forget “kiss the cook,” custom grill aprons decorated with their own personal cattle brand design are way more impressive! 

You can select up to ten letters (or numbers!) for the embroidery, or keep it simple with a three letter, boldly stitched monogram style. Simply choose the perfect words, then find the right style. Our embroidery tool allows you to choose from a rainbow of colors, and three distinct font types for each mode of embroidery, designed to compliment any apron design, for the ultimate customized look your loved one will treasure. Or hey, maybe you’re getting yourself a GOAT embroidered apron because nobody does it like you in the kitchen—treat yourself, baby, personalized apron style.

Pair the font and color that suits your mood, going girly or graphic, basic or bold, and we’ll get stitching! And soon, you’ll even be able to get romantic, enclosing the embroidered initials of the chef you love inside an embroidered heart. Building the best custom aprons for men and women alike all start with a little creativity from you, and our lifetime of apron creating expertise to get the job done.

Ready to start your custom apron? Let’s go shopping! The custom apron of your dreams is just a few clicks away.

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